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Podcasts Created On Your Behalf

Podcasts created for you

Many businesses have a video strategy because marketers and social platforms love video. For now. But the really clever ones will also have an audio strategy too. Why? Simple. Because time is an asset and you're busy. Audio content allows you to multitask, do two things at once effectively. You can listen while you travel on your daily commute, or run on the treadmill in the gym, or you’re out walking the dog.

Radio doesn't always hit the right buttons but a list of your favourite podcasts available on your smartphone means you can learn or be entertained at a moment's notice. And usually for free. With iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and other streaming apps, no matter what your smartphone, there’s a way to listen that suits you.

Could your message make use of it's own podcast?

If so and you're wondering how to start, what equipment you'll need and so on, don’t waste your own valuable time learning, hand it over to a professional who will manage it on your behalf. Let Blue Banana create your podcasts for you. Here's an example or two.

Creating a podcast is particularly good for accountants and consultants (but certainly not limited to) that want to create regular content on a weekly or monthly basis, and create something that is evergreen to use over and over again perhaps at a later date. These two groups also have a wealth of content to tap into with their client bases. That may be you.

Audio is becoming bigger than ever and with added artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa becoming more main stream, voice is now a much bigger part of our everyday lives.

What is your business? What message do you want people to listen to? Contact me to find out more.