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Boring About Page

Is your 'About' page doing its job or is it boring people?

Writing about yourself in detail is quite hard to do for many people because it’s extremely personal. Even extroverts might have trouble though more about what not to include than being stuck for something to write. Then there are the introverts who find it almost impossible and a whole lot of people in between.

So why does your ‘about’ page need to have so much thought put into? Why can’t you write the same old corporate sounding babble that everyone else uses and add a passport style photo?

Well, there is the answer straight away, ‘corporate sounding babble that everyone else uses.’ It won’t be the essence of who you are in reality and in fact I’d go as far at to say very few of us are really like that. And we don’t talk like that either.

Take you for instance. Yes you. You’re a special individual that does great work in your area and has a lot to offer others with your experience. Your downtime and weekends are filled with things you are passionate about, spending time with people you care about and working towards your future plans.

Why not share some of those things and paint yourself in a truer picture than what is currently on show on your ‘about’ page? It will be a lot more interesting.

People buy from people, they don’t always buy from companies. Wouldn’t you prefer to see a couple of great pictures and an honest write up of the person or team you might be working with? If a healthy lifestyle is important to you, wouldn’t you like to know that your prospective supplier or customer also has the same values as you do?

Your ‘about’ page is about you. Have fun making it that way.

If you need help writing it, get in touch.